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Module Title: Corporate Strategy

Module Director: Ian Hardcastle MBA

Available Routes:

Core Module - Full, Accelerated and Super Accelerated (non MBA) routes

Module Overview:

This module considers the theory and the practice of strategy formulation and implementation. There are many patterns and actions and business approaches which define an organization’s strategy and you will be afforded opportunities to identify those which are pertinent for financial services firms. The financial services sector is one of the most regulated industry sectors and the implications of this along with the characteristics of the service products will be noted throughout the module. The theory and principlesunderpinning business operations and activities will be explored and insights applied to financial services firms. In completing the units for the module, reference is made to services management and operations; the unique characteristics of services which may be a challenge or provide an opportunity in devising and implementing a unique and successful corporate strategy. As aspiring business leaders and future decisionmakers,it is essential that you can ascertain the essence of business operations and the factors which contribute to a firm’s competitive advantage.

Module Aims & Objectives:

On completing this Corporate Strategy module, you will be expected to be able to:

  • Critically appraise the theoretical contributions in the area of strategic management
  • Analyse the role and influence of the environment (internal and external) on a firm’s strategic decisions
  • Explain the essence of competitive advantage and the factors which contribute to a firm gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage
  • Adjudicate on the extent to which stakeholders influence the design and implementation of a firm’s strategy and
  • Outline and explain what constitutes effective managerial leadership in achieving superior strategy execution and operating excellence

Key Text:

Exploring Strategy – Text & Cases (9th Edition) Johnson, G. Whittingtong, R. Scholes, K. & Angwin, D.

Means of Assessment:

This module is assessed by means of an individual assignment (40%) and examination (60%)

Unit 1 - Strategy, Concepts & the Strategic Position
Unit 2 - Strategic Choices
Unit 3 - Strategy in Action

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