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Financial Analysis for Value

Module Director: Professor (Emeritus) Bob Ryan

Available Routes:

Elective Module : All Routes

This module seeks to examine the practical and academic issues in financial analysis, covering financial accounting reports and the needs of the user. Building on the use of such statements as an information source, the module examines the problems associated with their use and enables students to develop an understanding of the place of such accounting analyses in the valuation of businesses. It will reflect on the importance of conventional statements, cash flow statements, current cost accounts and cash flow analysis in both a national and international context. The need for students to have an understanding of international reporting standards and their effect upon financial analysis is considered, with particular reference to comparative issues. The module will also consider various business valuation methods, with an emphasis on critical comparison and reflection on the usefulness and accuracy of the various methodologies.

Aims & Objectives

On completing this module students will:

  • Be able to apply financial analysis techniques to financial statements and to understand the strengths and limitations of such analyses;
  • Be able to apply appropriate ratio analyses to assess current performance and indicate future performance of a company
  • To understand and compare the major accounting system statements;
  • To critically evaluate the major valuation techniques and their limitations and be able to apply these to real world scenarios
  • To understand and apply the key theories of financial analysis to specific real world cases and reflect upon the value of the results of such analyses

This module is assessed by means of a single mini project of 3,500 words in length.

Key Text:

Business Analysis & Valuation IRFS Edition (4th Edition) Palepu, Healy & Peek - Cengage Learning

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