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Alex Sanchez, Bankers are the Trusted Advisors

Florida Bankers Association - Message from the CEO, Alex Sanchez

Bankers are the Trusted Advisors

I want to let you know of the tremendous amount of interest by our friends in Great Britain and the global banking community regarding the reg relief and tax reform efforts here in our country. Recently, I lectured at the University of Bangor in Wales and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. This is the fifth year I was invited to be the graduation speaker and teach a class on leadership. I was also asked to lecture to professors, business leaders and students followed by Q&A about the future of the United States Banking Industry under President Trump. I met with many bankers from the U.K., Africa, Canada and elsewhere. It was an honor to represent our country, our industry and the FBA in Great Britain.

I want to thank Dean Ted Gardner who is responsible for the Executive MBA program at the University of Bangor and the former Dean of its School of Business. Bangor University is rich in history and located in the city of Bangor in North Wales. It received its Royal Charter in 1885. It is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the U.K. and Europe.

At this year’s graduation speech at the Bangor University Chartered Banker Executive MBA program, I shared with the audience how our banks have become like tech companies. We are investing tremendous resources to ensure that our customers can do all their banking through the use of a smart phone.

I shared with these British and Global bankers that banks have always sought the latest in technology to best serve their customers. With the invention of a pneumatic capsule system for transporting objects through tubes in 1836, Scottish engineer and inventor William Murdoch spawned a new technology in search of an application. Pneumatic capsules were first used for transmitting telegrams, but when the automobile age dawned, American banks embraced the invention so customers could withdraw money and make deposits without leaving their cars.

Publication date: 23 March 2018

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