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Professor Philip Molyneux


Head of the College of Business, Social Sciences and Law and Professor of Banking and Finance

Main area of research is on the structure and efficiency of banking markets and he has published widely in this area. He has also published a variety of texts on banking areas and in the past has acted as a consultant to: New York Federal Reserve Bank, World Bank, European Commission, UK Treasury; Citibank Private Bank, Barclays Wealth, McKinsey & co, Credit Suisse and various other international banks and consulting firms.

Qualifications/Memberships of Professional Bodies

MA (Economics), PhD (Economics)
Authored or coauthored a variety of books including: Efficiency in European Banking (John Wiley), Private Banking (Euromoney), Investment Banking (Euromoney), Banking in Germany (Financial Times), EC's Single Market Review on Banking and Credit Institutions, Bancassurance (Macmillan), Financial Innovation (John Wiley), European Savings Banks - Coming of Age (Lafferty), European Banking - Efficiency, Technology and Growth (John Wiley), Shareholder Value in Banking (Macmillan), Introduction to Banking (FT Prentice Hall), Frontiers of Banks in a Global World (Macmillan), Oxford Handbook of Banking (OUP).

Main area of research is on the structure, efficiency and performance of banking markets.

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